Donnelly won't support DeVos for education secretary

Educators, parents, students and public education advocates have emailed more than 1 million letters to the U.S. Senate urging senators to vote no on Betsy DeVos to become secretary of education.

The worries, however, are unlikely to deter a vote on DeVos' nomination, which is scheduled for January 31. "We need an experienced, qualified secretary of education who actually wants to strengthen and improve all public schools, not tear down, dismantle and privatize them".

Someone who has ties to loan companies shouldn't be put in a government position over those companies because of the increased likelihood of governing in favor of a company rather than the American people. Earlier this week, Murray asked for a second hearing for DeVos to get to "the bottom of some of her complicated financial arrangements and potential conflicts of interest". Elizabeth Warren of MA on her lack of experience in financial aid or higher education.

As I pointed out years ago, even as a Michigander she's been deeply involved in Wisconsin educational politics, lavishing millions on anti-public school GOP politicians. Al Franken (D-MN) about the difference between proficiency and growth.

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A national battle over education made its way to the Minnesota Capitol on Tuesday, as lawmakers considered a measure to extend an education tax credit to cover private school tuition payments. She is the right woman to lead a long overdue national debate on school choice and parental control of our schools.

This concept is unsafe on multiple levels.

January 25: Public education advocates, students, educators, parents, reach 1,000,000 emailed letters to senators, and generate nearly 40,000 telephone calls. He also said that since 2003, schools have seen their funding drop making it even harder to serve all students.

KCEA President Lauren Hopson says charter schools and vouchers are among the biggest concerns.

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Charter schools could take students and money away for local public schools, said Rich D'Avanzo, a US history teacher at Burnet Middle School in Union Township. After intensive questioning, she revealed her intentions to reallocate taxpayer funds to private schools. In addition, more than 40,000 have called their senators through a hotline NEA set up, the union said. The NEA's coalition was formidable and included almost every association and union formed by public school officials and employees. They enforce unequal rules, sometimes via religion. It is becoming abundantly clear that the current Republican agenda is anti-public education as we know it.

That means students can potentially be denied learning factual information based on something arbitrary, like religion. No one should be denied their right to learn.

But if DeVos's critics were really so concerned about the plight of American schools, they might have saved their ire for the man she's slotted to replace. In fact, she has stated that she believes that the responsibility for the education of students with disabilities should be determined at the state level. She and her husband, Dick, gave $275,000 to Focus on the Family from their personal foundation in 1999, but haven't donated money to the group in well over a decade.

Beginning in 1994, MI has led the nation in schools run for-profit, largely thanks to the DeVos' lobbying efforts.

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