Lapse video of protesters at SFO

He said Trump's decision "only serves to provide a fertile ground for more terrorist recruitment by deepening the ruptures and fault lines which have been exploited by extremist demagogues to swell their ranks". The former were born in the United States and Pakistan, and the latter was born in the United States.

Protests are also expected across the US on Sunday at various airports and public areas.

We're not seeing an official government response, but Somali native Mo Farah, a decorated Olympian and British citizen who lives in Portland, Ore., criticized the ban, which he said cast doubt on whether he can return to his family after training in Ethiopia.

At the State Department, a senior official said lawyers were working closely with their counterparts at Homeland Security to interpret the executive order, which allows entry to people affected by the order when it is in the "national interest".

Anyone with USA citizenship, whether that person is natural-born or naturalised.

Man mauled to death by tigers after climbing into their enclosure
Zhang's wife and two children had gone through the front entrance to the Zoo in Zhejiang province, China, to buy a ticket. One witness told the South China Morning Post: "I saw the tiger mauling the person, whose face was covered with blood".

One of the men, Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who worked as an interpreter for the United States during the Iraq War, was released from detention early Saturday afternoon.

As immigrants, visa holders and refugees tried frantically to make it into the United States after Trump signed an executive order banning entry to the USA from seven majority Muslim countries on Friday, Google moved to protect its own staff.

"The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater and the U.S. resettlement programme is one of the most important in the world", the two agencies said in a joint statement.

Chanting "No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here", protesters took aim at Trump's executive order, which blocks the arrival of all refugees to the United States for at least 120 days. After the suspension is lifted, the government will give priority to applicants who are suffering religion-based prosecution, but only if they are minorities in their country.

"I have a special immigration visa in my passport, me and my family, because I work with the USA government", said Darweesh.

Donnelly won't support DeVos for education secretary
That means students can potentially be denied learning factual information based on something arbitrary, like religion. Beginning in 1994, MI has led the nation in schools run for-profit, largely thanks to the DeVos' lobbying efforts.

The wife of the other detained man worked for a US contractor, the Times reported.

What happened on Saturday night? "Lawyers in NY sued to block the order, saying many people have already been unlawfully detained, including an Iraqi who worked for the U.S. Army in Iraq", wrote Reuters' Jeff Mason and Jonathan Allen.

They are here to stay and put up a fight. The ruling doesn't apply to any of the thousands of refugees who are still seeking visas, or to any who are still in foreign countries.

The move appears to mark the first successful legal challenge to the Trump administration and affects those who have arrived in the USA with previously approved refugee applications or were in transit with valid visas. There is also the broader question of whether the policy of "extreme vetting" is legal or even desirable. We are sure to see litigation regarding not only the content of the EO, but also about the president's authority to issue such an order.

LeBron James sounds off on Cavaliers effort and depth
He finished the night with a career-high 33 points, to go along with 10 assists, three steals and two blocked shots. They just win and they're consistent over there, but they've done a great job of just going about their business".