Nintendo Switch Will Sell 40 Million Units in Four Years

So when the Wii U comparison keeps on coming up even after the recent and considerably more thorough presentation earlier this month shows that Nintendo still has obvious marketing problems ahead with the Switch. Gamers can pre-order Nintendo Switch in the United States and Japan.

Nevertheless, Nintendo remains confident that their new console will not stumble like the Wii U. The new console, priced at $299 will determine whether the company will remain with video gaming business or concentrate on the more prolific software development for smartphones. It forms the most important launch title for the Nintendo Switch, but on the same day the Wii U version will be released. To recall, the Wii U is considered as a failure for Nintendo due to its weak sales and lack of third-party support.

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I think Nintendo should start trying to market the Switch as the companion console for core gamers that it so obviously should've been sold as. And candidly, the more the active gamer sees, the more excited they're going to be for that game. These Nintendo Switch games include Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Just Dance 2017, Skylanders Imaginators and 1-2 Switch.

According to Mirror UK, unfortunately, Mario Odyssey will not be launched with the Nintendo Switch.

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This would mean that the Nintendo Switch is on the path of selling nearly three times as many units as the Wii U, although key titles promised will need to be in place during the festive season. The other launch game from Nintendo is 1 2 Switch, a party game built around motion controls, but at a $50 price, the mini-game collection looks like a tough sell that would have been better suited to be a pack-in with the hardware. However, Nintendo has not offered any kind of long-term sales prediction for the console. Sure, the introduction of the first truly hybrid gaming console is, at the very least, intriguing. This way you should have a better understanding of what you'll be getting for your cash, come March, if you chose to purchase one. "Sorry, but is a portable/home console approach really that innovative.?" There is no dual screen setup on the Switch and its controllers are a whole other thing entirely. Thus far, EA has only announced Federation Internationale de Football Association for Switch but the publisher is open to bring more games to the platform.

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