Resident Evil VII Not Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Capcom's Resident Evil franchise has become synonymous with the survival horror genre owing to its (prolific) contribution, with the first title releasing over two decades ago. Producer Masachika Kawata even went on to call the Nintendo Switch "a very unique piece of hardware", but unfortunately, "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" won't be taking part of it.

While Capcom is one of the many third-party developers that is a partner of Nintendo and has pledged to bring games to the new hybrid console it seems that Resident Evil 7 will not be one of those games. The new Resident Evil 7 game will be arriving on the 24th of January while the new Nintendo Switch console will be arriving on the 3rd of March.

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"Resident Evil 7 is a confident attempt at reinvention". Games like Skyrim will be seen on the Switch, so why not the hit zombie game?

However, for those wanting a really (grotesque) VR experience you can also pick up a special Resident Evil 7 4D candle from Numskull. The atmosphere is unbearable at times, with shadows moving in your periphery and muffled footsteps coming from the floor above, there's more to be afraid of than any previous game in the series, despite there being less enemy types than ever before. With remakes of the first game and Resident Evil 0 available, with Resident Evil 2 in the pipeline, it's essentially time for a fresh start.

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Reviews, specifically this one from PurePlayStation, describe the extremely unsettling Baker family and how you they're video game boss material. It drip feeds information to the player, through snippets of dialogue and within the text of documents scattered about the place, but rarely gives you enough to fully put the story together. I didn't experience any motion sickness or nausea while playing, but I'm not particularly susceptible to them, so I would recommend using the assists if this is your first VR game. Which begs the question, just which Capcom game will make it to the Switch?

But this is gaming's most storied survival horror franchise - meaning at some point it's got to tie back into the metafiction. Certain areas of the house are locked off until you find particular keys or items to access them, but there's an Alien: Isolation-esque sense of dynamism to how characters move around the world in order to find/attack/eviscerate you, and the game's pace is excellent. He also adds that the style of the game made this an easy decision, explaining that "it doesn't need all these other things for that experience to succeed - especially because it is traditional horror".

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