Tesla Autopilot update now rolling out with new semi-autonomous features

The Autopilot system uses cameras, radar and computers to detect objects and automatically brake if the vehicle is about to hit something.

The US road safety watchdog also separately reported that Tesla recorded a 40 percent fall in crashes after an update to a previous version of its Autopilot software that rolled out "Autosteer", a function introduced to Tesla's older cars that helps the driver keep the auto inside its lane while cornering. These updates are often hard for owners to understand while considering that they are pushed through software updates, and people are more inclined towards the industry practice of coming up with changes annually.

Last October, Tesla announced that all their cars will have the full self-driving hardware suite installed, and should drivers decide to enable it, can do so if they're willing to part with $8,000.

Tesla has been teasing a software update for all cars built since October for a while now, with CEO Elon Musk first saying back in November that the upgraded Autopilot system would roll out in mid-December.

After a Tesla driver was killed in a crash with Autopilot active a year ago, Tesla unsurprisingly chose to handle the rollout of AP2 with an abundance of caution.

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It works alongside the traffic-aware cruise control system (TACC) that is also being added with the over-the-air update.

Extensive testing is a good thing, but the downside is a slow rollout of Autopilot safety and convenience features.

According to Panasonic, Tesla's exclusive supplier of its batteries and long-term partner, the two companies are planning to further their relationship in the business. But this will change once the new cars have covered more miles and improved their Autonomous skills.

Tesla investigation - what it means?

At long last - Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot update is finally active, that is, if you have self-driving capability in your auto.

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As Tesla polishes its software, it will loosen the reins on what drivers can do.

Tesla Motors Inc. expects to release major upgrades to its vehicles every 12 to 18 months, Chief Executive Elon Musk said in a series of tweets Saturday, mapping out an update schedule that's more along the lines of a smartphone-maker than a traditional automaker. The missing features, it seems, will show up - eventually.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched its investigation in June after a driver died in an accident that took place while his Tesla Model S was operating with Autopilot activated.

The findings were significant not just for Tesla, but for all manufacturers who have in the past, and are now investing millions into the area of autonomous driving technology.

A six-month investigation failed to uncover any flaws with the autopilot's emergency breaking technology and other advanced features linked to a deadly accident previous year, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report released Thursday.

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Ever since it introduced its electric cars, Tesla has made significant changes to its current product lineup.