Cubs' Kris Bryant practices with Hall of Fame pitcher, doesn't know it

Maddux peppered Bryant with an assortment of pitches, and occasionally blurted out "Strike!" when Bryant let a pitch go in the zone.

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The reveal came when the pitcher asked Bryant to sign the bat "to Greg Maddux". Spring training is great! Greg Maddux was a known prankster during his time with the Braves, and he chose to pull one on reigning NL MVP Kris Bryant.

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The Hall of Famer got the last laugh, as it was the 25-year-old superstar who had trouble hitting the four-time Cy Young award winner's curveball. Though once Maddux took over pitching duties for Bryant's BP, he didn't do much to reinforce his character's clownish nature.

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Maddux, dressed as a sound engineer during the video shoot, took over to throw batting practice to Bryant during the shoot. He would also hilariously call "warning track" in a deadpan without even looking when Bryant would just mishit the ball. Sound guy Maddox volunteered to step in, but Bryant was initially opposed to the idea. Bryant then knew that he was on the wrong end of a pretty solid prank.