Dominican Newspaper Apologizes After Mistaking Photo of Alec Baldwin for Donald Trump

The photo showing the actor who has been impersonating the POTUS for the current season of SNL was captioned in Spanish: "Donald Trump, president of the United States".

They ran a picture of him next to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, under the headline: "Trump says settlements in Israel don't favour peace".

"El Nacional apologises to its readers and anyone who felt affected by the publication", it added in a statement.

During the game, Baldwin attempted to convince Fallon that his box contained "a big fat, juicy burrito from Honduras", said in his Trump voice, made famous on Saturday Night Live. After marveling at how great Baldwin is at playing Trump (the president would beg to differ), Jones wonders if he will actually be able to play POTUS for the next four years because, "doesn't he have like other stuff to do?"

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Alec Baldwin's record-breaking 17th hosting gig on Saturday Night Live is raked in the ratings.

El Nacional published a still of Baldwin, captioned as the US President.

Trump has repeatedly shown his disdain toward the show and its concept, calling the show "unwatchable", "totally biased" and "not amusing".

President Trump has not commented on El Nacional's mistake or the latest SNL sketch. Baldwin's sneering caricature of the President was spot-on, he said.

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During his interview, Baldwin also poked fun at the Ivanka Trump Nordstrom clothing line controversy, saying he was wearing a suit from Ivanka Trump's men's collection at Nordstrom. This all spurns out of the fact Trump gets angry at the show and angry when members of his administration are portrayed in ways he doesn't like.

He brought in a character witness: VLADIMIR PUTIN.

Baldwin-as-Trump stated his case: "I signed a tremendous travel ban". Putin swaggered to the podium, calling Trump his "little American Happy Meal". "I have been told that I am going to cut back on the gum chewing", McCarthy said, "so I've cut back to one slice a day".

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