Group of Siberian tigers take down drone in China

A video showing Siberian tigers pursuing an aerial drone at a reserve in Heilongjiang, a province located in northern China.

The video shows a streak of tigers chasing the drone before one leaps into the air and tries to capture it. When these massive cats get together and decide to catch some prey, they're simply vicious. Predictably, the tigers swarmed on the downed drone and began tearing it apart.

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According to Chinese media, experts in the park were using the drone to help keep the tigers in the enclosure fit.

The drone led the tigers through the snow until one managed to land a massive paw on the device and swat it to the ground.

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The tiger then chomps at the machine, as others crowd around, before backing away when it starts smoking.

Staff members soon arrived in the enclosure to recover the remains of the camera drone.

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