Plane hits deer during takeoff in Charlotte

Federal Aviation Administration officials say a plane struck a deer while on departure at Charlotte Douglas International Airport just before noon on Wednesday.

Charlotte Douglas spokeswoman Lee Davis told The Charlotte Observer the airport will evaluate how the deer got on the runway as part of its wildlife management plan.

Microsoft president calls for 'digital Geneva Convention' to protect civilians from cyberattacks
Smith is concerned that people and civilian infrastructure like the electric grid will be vulnerable to digital attacks.

The plane was then forced to land in MS, according to WSOCTV. In a statement, American Airlines said "The airplane came immediately back to the airport and landed safely". Yet, that's what happened today when an American Airlines regional jet struck a deer on the runway and began leaking fuel.

The flight was bound for Mississippi.

Greek city evacuated to defuse WWII bomb
The visits were organised at the request of the refugees, many of whom are Syrians fleeing the civil war in the country. The city's main bus station was shut down, trains in the area were halted and churches cancelled their Sunday services.

Airline officials said none of the 44 passengers or 4 crew members were injured in the collision. "However, the airport property includes thousands of fenced acres and includes vast areas of undeveloped land", the spokesperson said.

Turkey denies Russia's information on bombing of coordinates in Syria's al-Bab
The Turkish military said on Thursday they had killed 44 militants in aerial and artillery strikes and clashes in northern Syria . The Russian leader Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan.