Pro-Trump Rally Slated For Monday In Atlanta

A similar rally was held in Southern Georgia on Saturday in Waycross.

According to KDVR, Trump supporters planned a rally in Denver as well on Monday, also at the Colorado State Capital building.

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The event's Facebook page says the noon event will be a chance to show solidarity for Trump's vision.

"We strongly support President Trump in his effort to put America First and we are holding small rallies to show support for President Trump's 'Contract with the American Voter", the Main Street Patriots website states. Attendees were encouraged to wear "patriotic gear" and to bring with them signs of positivity, along with flags.

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Organizers invited all Trump supporters to join the "Spirit of America" rally at 12 p.m. - just one of many rallies in support of the president across the nation Monday. After the rally was over, a woman from the pro-Trump group crossed the street to speak with the anti-Trump woman.

"On Feb. 27 and March 4, the rallies-dubbed the Spirit of America Rallies-will spring up nationwide in cities and towns across America".

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Check back with the Herald Courier Tuesday for more about how rally attendees feel about Trump's presidency and the race for governor.