Riots rock Swedish capital days after Trump comments

Swedish police say riots broke out overnight in a predominantly immigrant Stockholm suburb after officers arrested a suspect on drug charges.

Although the right-wing Sweden Democrats have tapped into a growing anti-immigrant sentiment, many Swedes are disinclined to link any increases in crime to the recent rapid growth in the number of refugees and migrants that streamed into the country and others in Europe.

Donald Trump made his confusing remarks about immigration in Sweden at his Florida rally on Saturday. "They're having problems like they never thought possible".

Riots such as this one have occurred in Stockholm's suburbs in the past, but officials said they are infrequent.

And in most ways, what happened late Monday night was reminiscent of those earlier bouts of anger.

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Several people threw stones at police Monday night, striking one officer in the arm.

The disturbances did not end; the rioting intensified, with up to 70 people throwing stones and objects, before police finally got the situation under control around 12:15 a.m., he said. "Terror attack? What has he been smoking?"

Trump did not elaborate further, leaving the Swedish Embassy in Washington to ask the State Department if he was referencing a particular incident.

Mr Trump later tweeted that his statement "was in reference to a story that was broadcast on FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden".

A White House spokesperson told reporters Sunday that Trump was referring to a general rise in crime, not a specific incident.

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Nonetheless, some of Trump's supporters seized upon the disturbances in Rinkeby as evidence of his claim.

What is Sweden's refugee policy?

It reported that Sweden had accepted more than 160,000 asylum-seekers previous year, but that only 500 of the migrants had found jobs.

With the influx, tensions also rose with some isolated attacks on immigrants, as well as pro- and anti-migrant demonstrations.

There was a drop in numbers a year ago after the country introduced new border checks incurring longer processing times, as well as financial incentives for migrants who voluntarily returned to their country of origin.

According to Swedish media, there has not been an uptick in crime because of immigration policies. Fraud and crimes against individuals were up, but drugs crimes and theft had decreased.

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Swedish police faced allegations of trying to cover up crimes allegedly committed by foreigners by failing to inform the public of widespread robberies and sexual assaults against teenage girls at a music festival in 2015. "Who would believe this?" About 140 of the 300 who went to Syria and Iraq have since returned, leaving the authorities to grapple with how best to reintegrate them into society.