Summer Olympics: Budapest to Withdraw its Bid to Host Games

The Associated Press confirmed on Wednesday that Budapest is withdrawing from the bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. "Opposition parties are responsible for this-those who backtracked on their earlier decision [that then supported Budapest's bid]".

Hungary's governing party said the decision was an attempt to avoid "a loss of worldwide prestige" if Budapest were to be passed over by the Olympic committee in favor of Los Angeles or Paris. On Wednesday, he seemed ready to put the bid to rest.

Hamburg - following a referendum - and Rome had already pull out of the contest to succeed 2020 hosts Tokyo, both citing financial concerns.

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The city's withdrawal followed a troubling recent trend for the Olympic movement, which has seen increasing reluctance from governments to follow through on the lengthy and expensive bidding and hosting process.

The LA 2024 Olympic Bid Committee did not immediately respond to a request to comment. Supporters of Budapest's bid for the 2024 Games have argued that the city is more qualified than its rivals to adapt to the IOC's low-priced strategy.

Momentum spokesman Gergo Papp told local website that the government had backtracked on the bid "in a cowardly manner", saying they had taken away a chance for the people to vote on the project.

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A poll released Wednesday by Median indicated that about 50 per cent of Hungarians wanted the bid to be withdrawn with that number increasing to 56 per cent in Budapest.

Now Budapest has retired as well, leaving only Paris and Los Angeles on the shortlist. The IOC will vote on the host city for the 2024 Olympics on September 13 in Lima, Peru. The plan for the games that the city has presented to the International Olympic Committee would rely exclusively on relatively low-priced temporary facilities and venues that already exist-such as the Coliseum and the under-construction National Football League stadium in Inglewood. L.A. previously hosted in 1932 and 1984, while Paris hosted in 1900 and 1924.

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