Texas Governor Deprives Sanctuary County Of $1.5 Million Grant

The move came a day after Abbott named banning sanctuary cities as one of four emergency items in his State of the State speech.

Abbott tweeted on January 31: "I'm declaring banning sanctuary cities in #Texas an emergency item".

Regarding border security, Abbott said he intends to maintain $800 million in state-funded security along the Texas-Mexico border for now, despite questions about effectiveness from critics and a promise by the federal government to step up its efforts. Abbott had warned of the cuts soon after Hernandez announced on January 20 that her office would no longer honor most requests from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to detain potentially undocumented immigrants at the county jail for further investigation.

Hernandez, whose jurisdiction includes Austin, has showed no signs of backing down from the policy, even after Abbott raised the prospect she could be removed from office. He added that Hernandez' decision is "not a pronouncement of sound public policy; it is a unsafe game of political Russian roulette-with the lives of Texans at stake".

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Menendez says sheriffs in many counties are already cooperating with federal immigration agents and some sanctuary city proposals would take away local law enforcement control.

The county relied on the Criminal Justice Division money to fund several programs within both district and county courts that focus on family violence outreach, prostitution prevention and drug diversion, among other services. They stood by Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who announced after Trump's inauguration that her jails would only honor immigration holds I murder, aggravated sexual assault and human trafficking cases.

"In a cowardly and unethical attempt to punish our Sheriff politically, Abbott is hurting vulnerable people in Austin and Travis County", Casar wrote.

"If ever we had an emergency situation, this is it", said Abbott, whose emergency tag - put on child protection, sanctuary cities, ethics and the convention of states - will let lawmakers pass bills quicker than otherwise allowed.

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Cutting off criminal justice funds sounds like an effective way to undermine criminal justice. Brian Manley, Austin police chief, said he anxious about a part of the bill that could make his officers liable if someone they release commits a crime any time in the next decade.

The Texas House of Representatives was packed with state lawmakers and dignitaries as Gov. Abbott identified his priorities.

"We have a clear message to our law enforcement officers: Obey the rule of law (and) respect the detainers or else there are dire consequences", said Sen.

As Texas advances a measure to end sanctuary cities, the opposite is occurring in California. While such a registry has not been proposed, some California senators believe it will be on President Trump's itinerary. "If local law enforcement adheres to this request and hold someone for 48 hours, they're violating constitutional law".

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Perry (R-Lubbock) has filed a bill to require all Texas jails to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).