Trump's Budget Won't Touch Entitlement Programs, Mnuchin Says

The Trump administration policy on entitlements is unclear.

Trump has proposed slashing the corporate tax rate from 35% - highest among advanced economies -to 15% to make the US more competitive in the global marketplace and attract more manufacturers and other firms.

"We are not touching those now", Mnuchin said of entitlements in an interview taped Friday and broadcast Sunday on Fox News Channel. "So don't expect to see that as part of this budget, OK", Mnuchin said of the programs, according to a transcript provided by Fox. "We're focused on regulatory relief, and we're focused on a whole lot of changes to make the middle class tax cuts and to make business competitive".

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Welfare benefits that could be targeted include food stamps, housing assistance and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

If that proves to be the case, then Trump will have made good on a campaign promise to protect federal programs created to help the elderly and low-income Americans from budget cuts. "That's the president's priority".

This was Mnunchin's strongest statement on the topic to date.

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Mulvaney in fact once called Social Security a "Ponzi schemes" that requires overhauling. This week, he's showing the country that he is holding firm on another campaign pledge: no cuts to social security and Medicaid.

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and Democratic Party leader, said today on MSNBC that for him and average Americans, Trump's budget math "doesn't make sense". The president is expected to preview aspects of the budget proposal in his Tuesday address to Congress.

Social Security and Medicare are the federal government's' biggest expenditures, and the trust funds behind entitlement payments are projected to expire in less than two decades.

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Treasury Secretary's Steven Mnuchin told CNBC this week he believes tax cuts, at least to some extent, can pay for themselves by spurring more economic growth. He will, however, reduce spending on social programs significantly.