Trump's pick for Israeli ambassador apologizes for past rhetoric

The letter includes concerns over Friedman's position should Israel annex the "West Bank", stating "address the question of whether Mr. Friedman would defend as ambassador the established American view that annexation of West Bank territory, outside the context of an global resolution, would be counterproductive and a violation of worldwide law".

But Friedman's major challenge came from the questions he had to answer at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding his past policies. "I am uncertain of how you will represent all Americans to all Israelis and whether you are committed to a longstanding USA policy to a two-state solution", Cardin said. Those words just are beyond hurtful. Sen. Friedman had called one group, J Street, "worse than kapos" - a reference to Jews who helped the Nazis imprison fellow Jews during the Holocaust. "American Jews are against this man and stand for freedom and dignity for all", said one of the protesters.

"There is no excuse for my words", he said towards the beginning of the hearing. Ben Cardin (D). "If you want me to rationalize or justify it, I can not".

"I like the one that both parties like", Trump said of the path to peace. "I don't know Israelis on the right- even on the far-right- who would support that". "If you want me to rationalize it or justify it, I can not", Friedman said.

He later admitted to Senator Chris Coons that "I've probably contributed to the problem".

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Hecklers take aim at David Friedman. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., vigorously defended Friedman and rejected the notion that he needed to distance himself from passionately held beliefs.

Cardin also pressed Friedman about past statements that appeared to oppose a two-state solution addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and noted his backing for settlements, including some deep inside the West Bank. Friedman's stated policy positions and world view suggest that he would depart from long-standing bipartisan support for the two-state solution. But he said he would be "delighted" if it were possible to reach a two-state agreement. "I have expressed my skepticism about the two-state solution exclusively on the basis of what I've perceived as an unwillingness on the part of the Palestinians to renounce terror and accept Israel as a Jewish state".

In the middle of the hearing, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told reporters on her way to a meeting that the US commitment to the two-state solution was firm - but her office emphasized that there was no daylight between her statement today and the president's on Wednesday.

In fact, however, many politicians and thinkers on both sides of the Israeli spectrum have declared the two-state plan unworkable. "Anybody that wants to say the United States does not support the two-state solution- that would be an error". "We have to start thinking differently".

Asked Thursday by Virginia Sen. "I have profound differences of opinion with J Street. Because the zigs and the zags and the incoherence of the policy make it very hard to be reassuring to our allies - and our adversaries - about where the U.S. stands". "A two-state solution is a way, but it's not the only way".

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President Donald Trump's nominee for ambassador to Israel took a sober tone Thursday, as David Friedman, labeled a firebrand in the run-up to his confirmation hearing, moderated his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and repeatedly expressed regret over inflammatory comments he made in the past.

But he argued that, since then, Palestinian violence against Israel has only increased.

Friedman expressed little faith, though, in the current generation of Palestinian leaders under President Mahmoud Abbas as being able to agree to a final settlement.

While both are illegal under worldwide law, Jewish settler outposts are different than traditional settlements in that they are not formally recognized by the Israeli government and are built on privately-owned Palestinian lands, rather than Israeli-occupied Palestinian lands in the case of government-sanctioned settlements.

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