Allied militia agrees to hand villages to Syrian government

He said the military equipment included "up-armored vehicles" and another defense official said the materiel appeared to be for "force protection".

Turkish forces and their rebel allies drove Islamic State (IS) from al-Bab last week.

The deal, reportedly brokered by Russian Federation, allows SDF forces to withdraw from the villages and "hand them over to Syrian state forces which will protect them from the Turkish military", a statement from the council said.

US-backed Kurdish fighters in Manbij have fought protracted battles with the Euphrates Shield rebel force close to Manbij this week. "We know the USA hasn't picked the YPG as ally", he said.

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It has led the Syrian Democratic Forces - mostly consisting of Kurdish fighters - to reportedly offer Manbij to the regime in a truce brokered by Moscow.

The same day, YPG said it was going to hand over villages near Manbij to the Syrian regime under a deal agreed with Russian Federation.

Russian and Syrian regime troops entering Manbij might be beneficial for the United States, as it could prevent Turkish and YPG forces - both of whom are U.S. allies - from fighting there.

Today, Syria appears to have cut a deal with the Kurdish YPG and the Manbij Military Council to cut Turkey off at the pass, with Russian Federation brokering an agreement in which some of the villages ringing Manbij will be handed over to the Syrian government's control.

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Around the same time, Turkey crossed into northern Syria and joined the anti-IS fight, while also working to keep in check the Kurdish fighters, which it views as terrorists.

"All I would say is we just continue to want to see all parties on the ground continue to focus (on IS)", Davis said.

Thousands of Syrians, mostly women and children, have fled their homes this week as regime troops advance, according to observers.

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