Check out Hyperloop One's first full-scale test track in the Nevada desert

DevLoop follows on from Hyperloop One's public test of a prototype propulsion system at the site, 30 minutes outside Las Vegas, in May 2016.

Tubes waiting for installation at the Hyperloop test track.

When asked about potential regulatory hurdles for hyperloop transport, Lloyd said the company had been encouraged by its work with the RTA.

In Nevada desert in Texas is Hyperloop One's ambitious project taking shape. Spilhaus had hoped to get his readers interested in science by using his comic strip as a fun method of education for budding young scientists.

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It presents the potential for the Middle East to reinvent and transform transportation, remarked Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd while providing the global keynote address at the 11th annual conference.

In the latter half of the year, however, Hyperloop One closed some major deals with rail authorities in the United Arab Emirates, which will allow the company to conduct feasibility studies for its futuristic technology around a major population center.

"In the USA there are plans to have exotic wheel-less trains in tubes traveling at hundreds of miles an hour!" The idea is to load people into pods and fire them through vacuum tubes at more than 600mph.

Leaked documents a year ago showed that the estimated costs of the UAE Hyperloop run to a stunning US$4.8 billion in total - more than $30 million per kilometre, or $52 million per mile.

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A hyperloop system would involve propelling pods through a large tube at up to 750 miles per hour using magnets.

Startup company Hyperloop One unveiled images of its test track in the Nevada desert during the Middle East Rail Conference in Dubai this week. "Our team of more than 150 engineers, technicians and fabricators have been transforming what was, just over five months ago, a barren stretch of desert, into a hive of activity and now home to the world's first full-scale Hyperloop test site", remarked Giegel. "This is the first time that anyone in the world will see the Hyperloop in action". Musk's original suggestion was to bring about a super fast mode of transport between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Which is why all eyes will be on the Nevada site later in the year, to see what could be one of the most important trial runs in the history of human transportation.

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