German 'deep state' working against vote, claims Turkish minister

Bozdag was to address Turkish expatriates in support of constitutional reforms proposed in Turkey-which would give more power to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan-but local authorities withdrew permission for the talk, stating that the venue was not big enough, the BBC reported.

She once again slammed Turkey's treatment of journalists after Ankara's arrest of Deniz Yucel, a correspondent for the prominent Die Welt newspaper, and said Berlin would not remain silent.

" They don't want Turkish leaders to campaign because they are working for "no" votes", Cavusoglu said.

But speaking in the Tunisian capital of Tunis, Merkel said the decision to cancel the rally was made by the local authorities and questioned whether the right to freedom of opinion was being upheld in Turkey.

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City officials said they canceled that event because organizers had misled them about its goal, saying they were initially told it would be a theater performance.

The Dutch government said on Friday it would inform Ankara of its opposition to "undesirable" proposals to hold a referendum rally in Rotterdam.

"They need to be put on trial for aiding and harbouring terror", Edogan said on Friday, criticising German authorities for allowing outlawed Kurdish leaders to hold regular public meetings in Germany, yet this week blocked rallies where Turkish ministers sought to address the Turkish community.

The city hall in Gaggenau, southeastern Germany, was evacuated Friday morning after receiving a phone call about a bomb on the premises.

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Diplomats said the meeting may be uncomfortable for Assad, Moscow's ally, who regards his opponents as terrorists. Mohammed Alloush, a delegation member and Jaysh al-Islam militant group leader did not attend the meeting.

"It is because this person hid in the German embassy as a member of the PKK and a German agent for one month".

In the latest episode, both sides were locked in a new row over the decisions by the small town of Gaggenau and the city of Cologne to block rallies by Turkish ministers this week. "They are telling us, 'Why are you whipping up the issue?'" Erdogan said. He then cancelled his entire visit to Germany where he was expected to meet with his German equivalent Justice Minister Heiko Maas.

"It is our duty to go to battle; victory belongs to Allah", the state-run Anadolu Agency quoted Zeybekci as saying.

But the German decisions come against the backdrop of renewed strains in relations between Ankara and Berlin over Yucel's arrest.

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Austria has announced it will not allow Turkish ministers to campaign on its territory, and critics have accused the German chancellor of failing to stand up to Mr Erdoğan for fear of jeopardising the EU's migrant deal with Turkey.