India hoists the tallest national fag at Attari border

The flag is high enough to be visible from as far as the famous Anarkali Bazaar in the heart of Pakistan's Lahore city.

The cost of the project was around Rs 3.6 crore.

Punjab state minister Anil Joshi inaugurated the flag post, atop which a Tricolour was hoisted.

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The flag post became attraction for thousands of tourists who were present at Wagha border to watch the Beating Retreat Ceremony during the sunset. Amritsar already has a 170-foot high flag post, in the Ranjit Avenue Public Park.

But Pakistani Rangers have filed an objection with the Border Security Force (BSF) over the flag.

Due to the election Code of Conduct is in place in the state, the minister has availed special permission from the Election Commission for the inauguration. "This will inculcate a feeling of patriotism in their minds", he said.

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Before's Jharkhand's Ranchi had been the venue for the tallest flag that stood 293 -foot long. It was decided that the tricolor flag to be hosted on January 26 but due to some technical reasons the plan was changed.

However, not everybody is happy with this installation. Deccan Herald on Saturday reported that the Pakistan Rangers, during a recent meeting with the Border Security Force (BSF), expressed concerns over such a tall structure being installed just 200 metres from such a critical global border.

India countered Pakistan's accusation of "treaty violation" by saying that it had been installed around 200 meters before the zero line. "Not to my knowledge".

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Pakistan on Thursday had again raised an objection to the flag being flown at the IB, calling the act a violation of global treaties.