Tennessee Bird Flu Shares Name, Not Genetics, Of Feared China Strain

The Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture is warning people to be aware of bird flu.

A flock of chickens at a commercial poultry breeding farm in Giles County, in Middle Tennessee, has tested positive for low pathogenic avian influenza, the state confirmed Tuesday. As of Thursday, officials said they did not believe that one facility sickened the other.

Sick birds or unusual bird deaths can be reported to the state veterinarian at 828-2421 or to USDA at 1-866-536-7593. The appearance of milder forms of bird flu at a Wisconsin turkey farm and another Tennessee chicken farm has heightened concern.

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Officials said they will continue monitoring commercial and backyard poultry for signs of influenza, and all flocks in the surveillance area will be tested again.

Routine screening completed on March 6 revealed the virus was present and it as then confirmed in both state and federal laboratories.

Low-pathogenic bird flu can cause coughing, ruffled feathers and other symptoms in poultry.

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While the risk of human infection is low, CDC is working closely with USDA APHIS and state and local agriculture and public health partners to communicate about the possible impact on people of this animal outbreak, including steps people can take to reduce possible risk. As per disease experts, although the virus involved poses low risks to human health, the simultaneous presence of it in so many parts of the world, has aggravated the risk of viruses mixing and mutating, reports Yahoo News. "That fast response is critical to stopping the spread of this virus".

A strain of bird flu has been found in a commercial chicken farm in the US.

Consumers should always follow best cooking practices when handling raw poultry or eggs, such as cleaning all kitchen surfaces and cooking meat to 165 degrees to kill any germs or viruses. "If HPAI does arrive, the potential impact is severe, so we stress immediate reporting of any unexplained poultry mortality". In fact, the shares have fallen nearly 2.6% to $61.92 as of Mar 8, 2017 since the news of bird flu broke out on Mar 5, 2017. It said all eight gene segments of the virus had North American wild bird lineage. All 73,500 birds there were killed by the disease or suffocated with foam to prevent its spread government and company officials said on Sunday.

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