Two men attack commuters with axe at Dusseldorf rail station

Police have sealed off the main train station in Dusseldorf following reports of at least one man and possibly two attacking commuters with an axe.

"Several people" are believed to have been injured and images posted on social media showed paramedics treating the wounded.

German newspaper Bild reported that two suspect has been taken into custody and that two other suspects were on the loose.

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The spokesman said police were investigating whether more attackers had been involved but had no indication of that.

Trains are reportedly not stopping at the station.

The attack happened around 9 p.m. local time at the main train station in Düsseldorf, according to federal police in Germany.

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One witness said a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly injured was sitting on the ground.

A passenger on a Dusseldorf bound train, Bruno Macedo, tweeted: "Breaking: Man with axe chased by police in Dusseldorf".

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