Volkswagen's pod-cast: Sedric concept at Geneva 2017

The company also announced the work they've done on their first self-driving concept vehicle called "Sedric," a project the company plans to continue investing in. Debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show on Monday, the concept driverless vehicle, with its two-part doors and an interior that has "the welcome home feeling", is a "comfortable lounge on wheels", VW said. The Concept Car Sedric is a central component of this mobility solution.

Conceived to dovetail with the Volkswagen Group's recent investment in the mobility service provide Gett and the establishment of its own in-house mobility service provider MOIA, the Sedric brings together future mobility ideas being pursued throughout the Volkswagen Group in a compact concept that does away with traditional proportioning and a classic vehicle like interior as well as features such as a steering wheel and pedals.

Volkswagen has a badly dented image following the revelation that almost 600,000 diesel vehicles deliberately circumvented US emissions tests, and court cases continue against it.

The Sedric (presumably not named in homage to Nissan's boxy 1990s Cedric saloon) is designed not to fit in with VW's existing vehicle range, but to be objective designed for ride-providing services such as Gett (in which VW has invested) and MOIA, the German car-maker's own recently launched in-house ride-sharing and mobility brand, although it could theoretically be bought and owned outright by an individual owner too.

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Of course Volkswagen chose a super creepy way to describe this concept in its press material: "Sedric is the pioneer, the ideas platform for autonomous driving in the Volkswagen Group", the company says.

VW said Sedric can be shared or individually owned.

Instead of a key, Sedric comes with a 'button, ' a little handheld, um, button that you push to summon your loyal Sedric.

This is the Volkswagen Sedric Concept.

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While the VW Sedric is highly futuristic and points to an exciting new future where mobility is far more user-friendly, one amusing design quirk is particularly ironic.

"The future of mobility is vibrant, colorful and fascinating". The car's windscreen that is essentially a big OLED screen that can be used as an entertainment centre. For example, a passenger could tell the auto what route to take to reach a destination or at what time they'd like to reach it.

That's right, you guys!

Sedric was "devised, designed, developed and constructed" by two separate think tanks within the larger VW organization, one in Potsdam and the other in Wolfsburg. So Sedric is less a fully formed vehicle, and more of an idea board from which the company can pick and choose as it develops new cars in the future.

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